>I enjoy watching the videos you guys have created.  I don't know where you guys came up with the whole rabbit and cat thing, but it's the cutiest thing that I've seen.  The music is great, even so I don't understand it I've had several Asian friends trying to translate the music for me, but with no luck.  Either way I check out your FAQ and saw the translation of the music.  I wish you guys the best of luck and hope to see another video of the rabbit and cat.  It seems he's (the cat) is finally falling in love with her.

Thanks for the quick responce, I do wish you luck in your next video.  I have to admit that every time that I see the videos it brings a sence of joy.  I do hope that you guys get the proper recognition in your creative art work and music videos.  I look foward in watching step three, although it seems the cat is finally coming to reality in finding his true love.  Good luck again you guys and I wish you the best.  

Your truly applicative fan from the U.S.,


P.S.  When is step three coming out?  And what are the names of the Cat and Rabbit?  Also I wish you luck in learning English....There's penty of website's whereas they translate Korean in English and vice versa.  Good luck you guys!